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Private Equity


About us


  • PARTER Capital Group has been advising large corporations, banks and entrepreneurs on carve-out and spin-off issues of companies and parts of companies, which do not belong to the core business any longer for many years. The focus of our business activities is on acquiring companies or parts of companies in the traditional industries with a turnover volume of 20 to 300 million EUR.
  • PARTER Capital Group is specialised on corporate groups, corporate spin-offs, special situations (i.a. turn-around situations) and succession plans of privately owned companies. In the long term, PARTER Capital Group aims to give the acquired companies a new strategic direction and lead them to sustained growth. In this respect entrepreneurial independence has proved to be the ideal long-term concept.
  • The shareholders and investors of PARTER Capital Group are most likely themselves entrepreneurs who are accustomed to making independent and swift decisions. We understand that ourselves, as an "Executive Private Equity Group". The partners of PARTER Capital Group invest in the capital of a portfolio company on a case-to-case basis. However, the actual operative management of the company will always stay with its own managing directors.

PARTER Capital Group invests in companies that embody traditional business values worth to further develop ...


Most of the investors of PARTER Capital Group are independent wealthy private investors …


The PARTER Capital Group team consists of partners who all have experience in corporate management …




      Company Development

  • Focus on corporate strategy, separation of non core activities, concentration on core
  • Sale to entrepreneurs, equity financing
  • Securing independence through an optimum company strategy
    and organisation
  • Professional repositioning and restructuring process
  • Stabilisation of profitability through exploitation of new revenue potentials and cost reduction
  • Sustainable company development (consolidation, „Buy-and-Build“)
  • Financial success participation of the management
  • Fast, professional transaction processing, maximum transaction security
  • Taking over social responsibility, preservation of jobs and employment
  • Regulation of company succession plannings, coordination of shareholder interests
  • New perspectives for your company and employees
  • Management support by experienced managers, consultants
    and functional specialists