Create Values

      Secure Future

To develop existing values
  • PARTER Capital Group invests in companies that embody traditional business values worthy to further develop.
To create new values
  • PARTER Capital Group sees itself as an active partner making the best possible contribution towards the development of the company, closely involved in talks and decisions relating to the company's strategy and its translation into operation.
  • The managing directors of PARTER Capital Group are not only experts on investment and financial matters but also have extensive experience of company management. They have an ingrained deep understanding of strategic positioning and corporate operation routines. They therefore know the special interests of the management, executives and staff of a company.
  • By attuning the strategy to the individual requirements of the company, PARTER Capital Group succeeds in making better and more effective use of the company's already existing strengths and adapting them more quickly to market demands.
  • PARTER Capital Group thus creates long-term prospects and values for all those concerned.
To secure the future
  • The only way to permanently secure the company's future is to align it completely to the requirements of the market.
  • It is essential to balance the main interests of the company and its staff with those of its investors. The harmonisation of the interests of all those concerned naturally the elected representatives, with whom PARTER Capital Group traditionally closely cooperates in the portfolio companies.