Investment criteria

Special Situations with


PARTER Capital Group follows no specific industrial focus, but acquires companies in special situations (e.g. strategic carve-outs, companies facing restructuring).


  • In the past few years, companies or parts of companies from the following industries have been acquired: electric and electronics, automotive, construction, building components, consumer goods, trade, textiles and clothing. PARTER Capital Group usually buys all the shares or at least the qualified majority interest in the target companies.
  • Although PARTER Capital Group mainly focuses its activities on the EU, it may be interested in companies in other non-EU markets as well within the framework of a buy-and-build strategy.
Turnover volume
  • The annual turnover of the targeted companies should be between 20 and 300 m EUR. Smaller companies or parts of companies are of interest to PARTER Capital Group if they are able to offer value-added with an already existing participation.
Insufficient profitability and falling sales
  • PARTER Capital Group also acquires companies or parts of companies that are in a difficult, negative operating result or sales figure situation or are confronted by legal or organisational problems.
Strategic or operational problem situations
  • PARTER Capital Group offers a future-safe solution for companies that have not been able to develop adequately due to being a non-core activity or an operative problem among the current shareholders.