Procedure - methods

Think New


Our approach
  • The repositioning of our portfolio companies is guided by the aims of a sustaining company development and securing its existence long-term.
  • The following strategic and organisational measures play a key role in this process:
    - Repositioning the corporate strategy on the basis of future market opportunities and available core competences
    - Strengthen existing resources in the area of finance, sales & marketing, product engineering & innovation
    - Adaption of the company structure and processes (cost structure) to the new company strategy
    - Participation of the management and staff in the success of the company
    - Cooperation, not confrontation with the employee representatives
  • The staff are the key to the success of a company reorganisation. A successful repositioning stands and falls by the creation of a creative work environment that encourages innovative ideas and translating them into action.
  • PARTER Capital Group uses a field-proven set of methods containing measures which have proved successful in comparable situations and which are matched to the individual requirements of the company.